Organizational Structure


JPG is steered by a core group of strategists who are Indian citizens and specialists leadership, personality and public perception, political, electoral, brand, marketing, communications, and technology outreach.


The Political Director is responsible for the daily operation of JPG and consults/reports to the Board of Strategists, and is responsible for budget compliance and authorizing expenditure. He leads various internal and external core committees and partner groups.


The central core committee monitors various state and district level teams and activities undertaken by JPG part of the campaign.

Our differentiators

Research: Constituency Audit

A 360 degree primary and secondary research via dipstick mood studies, perception studies, opinion polls, surveys, focus group studies, in-depth interviews by means of a comprehensive constituency audit, leader and party image audit, SWOT that focuses booth-wise demographic, psychographic and issue profiling to formulate effective micro and macro strategies.

Localized campaign execution

We offer an end-to-end political consulting, and campaign management services and solutions.

We are leadership positioning experts and experts in setting the electoral agenda that can lead the entire narrative forcing others follow suite without a choice.

We are disruption specialists in our approach to campaign management and our grassroots understanding by means of our unique constituency audit approach enables us devise ground touching relevant campaigns that resonate local connect for impact.

We devise macro/ micro level political & electoral strategies by closely monitoring the counter narratives by means of an effective on-ground intelligence.

Political branding

We master the art of crafting, cultivating and enhancing value by creating and sharpening the visual and verbal components of political leadership and party brands working closely with the leaders.

We master the art of developing integrated marketing programs that increase the number of voters and enhance the electoral equity.

Digital media & branding

We leverage power of digital and new media platforms help create and influence online and real life public perception by blending the macro and micro campaign elements with creativity and technology for digital optimization and marketing.

We help with ideas that can change the way people perceive the leaders and parties with an edge over the rivals competitors through creative process that perfectly blend with brand and content strategy.

We devise content in terms of contagious stories for multi-channels and multi-devices and seize every tactical opportunity to deliver creative and strategic value for electoral impact.

We tap multiple channels and online platforms for effective reach of your brand campaigns through an online advertising mix.

Power of PR & Traditional Media

We understand the news agenda well, and what will work for different media. Despite the emerging of Digital media, the basic principles remain the same, in a world that is getting increasingly faceless, it’s all about getting the right information to the right people, and tailoring the messages to get the best result for the parties and leaders that we represent.

For propagandas in different media, buying time, booking space, layout advertisement, how and when, frequencies and different languages to Print & TV interviews to prime time debates we know the art of managing the media landscape for our campaign advantage in every aspect of warfare.